Peacock Chair


What a glorious sculpture!

Roger Goldenberg donated two weeks and materials to create Peacock Chair (a.k.a. Prayer Chair. This splendiferous piece was his response to the request of the South Church of Portsmouth (Unitarian Universalist) to donate a painted stool to there fundraising auction in 2008.

Peacock Chair – a.k.a. Prayer Chair

Roger Goldenberg loves to find new ways to express his artistic voice. So when asked by a friend if he would be open to the idea of ‘painting’ a stool as a donation to South Church’s annual fundraising campaign Goldenberg said, “drop it on by my studio.”

The Unitarian Universalist Church has always supported the arts and music scene by making their space available to local talent for performances. They have a strong connection to the community that is many faceted. Their gate is always unlocked so people can hang on the shady cool granite steps to seek reprieve from the sun or the tourists, using it like a big-city pocket park, For Roger, donating his time was a no-brainer.

Oblique view of Roger Goldenberg’s sculpture Peacock Chair, a 100% donation to the South Church of Portsmouth, NH.

Peacock Chair now resides in the residence of the pleased owner, Skye Maar, a local Portsmouth, NH resident. Goldenberg remarks, “I would love to visit the chair at some point to take a photo of it ‘in situ.’ These types of photos would be a great addition to my website. People need to see the various ways my artwork can fit into their home environment. Great art goes with great things, contemporary or antique.”

With a twinkle in his eye, Roger reminisces, how a friend of his commented, “Roger, you’ve found a way to use the painted stool merely as a pedestal to display your sculpture.” One has come to expect Goldenberg’s work to be unique, outstanding and unparalleled. As a matter of fact, his stool was the only one to be tricked out with additional elements… “A lot of artists missed an opportunity to get beyond their stool.”    ;  )

Peacock Chair, 2008, view from the back



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