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  • Artist Curated Book Display

    In the spirit of Community Supported Art I donate much of my time and resources to local and regional art projects.

    Portsmouth Public Library’s

                                                     Artist Curated Book Display by Roger Goldenberg

    Artist autographed hand written sign created by Librarian Jennifer Moore

    Roger Goldenberg, a Portsmouth artist, known for his jazz-inspired, highly textured abstract work, curated the first display in the the Artist Curated Book Display series at the Portsmouth Public Library in Portsmouth, NH. The display went up in February 2012.

    For the ACBD, the Portsmouth Public Library invites an artist from the community to create a display of ten items that inspire them from the library collections. Alongside the display the artist showcases an example of their work.

    Goldenberg dedicated two weeks and many hours preceding this period to devise his approach to this new, unfunded Portsmouth Public Library program. Goldenberg remembers that it was Halloween night when he was approached by a costumed librarian as he was about to sign out some books. “Nice costume,” he remarked, “Thanks for dressing up.”  The librarian smirked, and said, “Do books inspire your art?” Goldenberg was taken aback, first, that anyone really new who he was, and second, that was a weighty question. Fumbling for a reply, the librarian ( Jenn Moore) cut in, “You don’t have to say ‘yes’ just because I’m a librarian!”  Well that was the beginning of Roger formulating not just his answer answer, but the start to his mulling over how to approach his display.

    “Really?” he repeatedly asked over the weeks ahead, “Only ten items?” What a challenge to pare down all of the offerings in the library to just ten pieces that inspire this artist somehow. So for three months or so Roger pondered the library challenge. Two weeks before the February deadline, Roger began to explore “officially” the library’s wares. Goldenberg put in at least 80 hours of collecting, preparing and decorating his 2 1/2 foot x 4 foot display case. He decided to photograph the spines of about a hundred books that were dearest to him, ones that he culled from the many hundreds that he’s read throughout his lifetime, and use these to decorate the outside and inside of the display case. This forced the viewers to peer into the case from above to discover the 10 precious books the meant so much to him. Goldenberg chuckles, as he recalls, “Photographing the books was my way of skirting the rule restricting the artist to 10 books. How could I possibly abide by that!”

    Below are some snapshots of the finished display and a couple of Roger’s paintings that were invited to be part of the overall display.

    Goldenberg sites this project as one example of his pro bono work that he hopes will inspire appreciative folks to click his Please Donate Now button and help support his future projects such as this worthy one.

    Front view of the display case showing the photogrphic display of many of the books important to Goldneberg

    Overhead view offering a peak of the installation of “top ten” items; mostly children’s books, but including an atlas of NH and a geologic map

    Direct overhead view from the stairs

    Roger’s painting Big Izmo standing watch over the book display

    A peek at the book selection through the reflections on the glass case













    Gallopations of Forsythius was proudly galloping on the wall in the library's children's section

    Gallopations of Forsythius was proudly galloping on the wall in the library’s children’s section













    For more information about the program or for a media preview, please contact:

    Jennifer Moore
    Portsmouth Public Library
    Library Assistant -Technical Services
    Program Committee

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  • Peacock Chair


    What a glorious sculpture!

    Roger Goldenberg donated two weeks and materials to create Peacock Chair (a.k.a. Prayer Chair. This splendiferous piece was his response to the request of the South Church of Portsmouth (Unitarian Universalist) to donate a painted stool to there fundraising auction in 2008.

    Peacock Chair – a.k.a. Prayer Chair

    Roger Goldenberg loves to find new ways to express his artistic voice. So when asked by a friend if he would be open to the idea of ‘painting’ a stool as a donation to South Church’s annual fundraising campaign Goldenberg said, “drop it on by my studio.”

    The Unitarian Universalist Church has always supported the arts and music scene by making their space available to local talent for performances. They have a strong connection to the community that is many faceted. Their gate is always unlocked so people can hang on the shady cool granite steps to seek reprieve from the sun or the tourists, using it like a big-city pocket park, For Roger, donating his time was a no-brainer.

    Oblique view of Roger Goldenberg’s sculpture Peacock Chair, a 100% donation to the South Church of Portsmouth, NH.

    Peacock Chair now resides in the residence of the pleased owner, Skye Maar, a local Portsmouth, NH resident. Goldenberg remarks, “I would love to visit the chair at some point to take a photo of it ‘in situ.’ These types of photos would be a great addition to my website. People need to see the various ways my artwork can fit into their home environment. Great art goes with great things, contemporary or antique.”

    With a twinkle in his eye, Roger reminisces, how a friend of his commented, “Roger, you’ve found a way to use the painted stool merely as a pedestal to display your sculpture.” One has come to expect Goldenberg’s work to be unique, outstanding and unparalleled. As a matter of fact, his stool was the only one to be tricked out with additional elements… “A lot of artists missed an opportunity to get beyond their stool.”    ;  )

    Peacock Chair, 2008, view from the back



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