Bookmarks for the Big Reader

Bookmarks for the Big Reader!

link to NH Chronical coverage of Portsmouth NH’s Overnight Art Sculpture Competition

Roger Goldenberg is one of the 6 Overnight Art public art competition winners for 2008! Goldenberg describes

his sculpture and the inspiration behind it: My sculpture is a gently kinetic meditation piece originally designed as an amalgam of metaphors: Tibetan prayer flags, sybolic mandalas, and the Phoenix. Bookmarks for the Big Reader is a site-specific sculpture that whirls its colorful “bookmarks” in celebration of our new public library.The sculpture inspires contemplation and invites a person to sit in contemplation. It provides an outdoor place to read, rest and be renewed. The arc of the flags recalls a mandala, a design symbolic of the universe and in some cultures, an aid to meditation. The sculpture as whole is peacock-like, a metaphor for the phoenix, a splendor risen from ashes, a transformation, which I use as an emblem of idealism or hope. In total my piece encourages intellectual flight through ideas. I’ve been a longtime supporter of the new library, and it is a special honor for my sculpture to reside on the library’s premises. For me these simple place markers, Bookmarks for the Big Reader, are a metaphor that call to mind how books give flight to our imaginations.

What a glorious sculpture!


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