Roger’s Latest Cool Projects

In these new works I’m mixing it up with aluminum plate, oil paint, wax, and polymer transfers of topographical and geologic maps. The impetus for these mixed media paintings was instigated by Artistree’s Gallery Director Adrian Tans.

This painting is based on the Ascutney Mountain geologic cross section. 

Adrian mentioned that nobody had ever done a piece 2″ x 72″. I took up the challenge. While waiting for the paint to dry on the oblong Ascutney painting I completed the 8″x 8′. The exhibition: Small Works. One gallery call was for artwork measuring less than 144 sq. in. The second was for a piece painted on an 8″ x 8″  square panel. This show, 50 @ 50, was fifty paintings priced at fifty dollars each. This painting is based on the cross sectional geologic map of the Ascutney Mountain area. Ascutney Mountain is a relict volcanic cone belonging to the Mount Washington Geologic Series and is directly related to the Moat Mountain Series in Conway, New Hampshire. 













Here are two closeups showing the hand wrought wire fixtures.

Oblique closeup of the long piece showing the hand wrought wire fixture

The pieces below are 3.5″ x 8″. The first painting is based loosely on the Ascutney Mountain surface geology with an overlay of its topographic counterpart. The second is a collage of pieces of an Ascutney surface geology map and a transfer of a very early Ascutney are topographical map. In this image all three are close to their actual size.







The painting below is the 8″ x 8′, the second painting submitted to Artistree’s Small Works exhibition.

Here is the presentation of the 50 @ 50 exhibition. See if you can find my painting in this colorfully festive arrangement.

‘Small Works’ Becomes a Big Tradition at ArtisTree






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Roger Teaches at The Alliance for the Visual Arts in 2024

Roger Goldenberg will be teaching AVA in later 2024


Everyone is born to create!


Roger Goldenberg

More information will be posted in the coming months



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AVA Members are eligible for a $20 discount
AVA Gallery and Art Center
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(603) 448-3117


Educator and Visual Jazz Artist – Roger Goldenberg

Roger Goldenberg

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Matt Langley’s Doodle All Day

Matt Langley submitted this kinesthetic doodle before I moved to Lebanon, NH. This is its Upper Valley debut. Matt is a world class saxophonist. If you keep your eyes peeled for announcements in your favorite newspaper’s entertainment section, you will be able to catch Matt and our friend, drummer Tim Gilmore, at Jazz On Sunday Afternoons (JOSA) in Grantham, NH or at the restaurant Skunk Hollow.

Maestro Matt Langley – Doodlin’ All Day. Ha ha!
















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Roger Goldenberg Working In Steel, Aluminum and Paint








Roger’s welded steel sculpture, Field Notes On Jazz, commands a striking appearance in winter and summer at SculptureFest 2016/2017 in Woodstock, VT.









SculptureFest is an beautiful sculpture park on the homestead of Peter and Charlet Davenport and the public is welcome to visit the grounds year round.








Roger is currently in the planning stages to build new sculptures this year and to expand this new language in steel 
and painted aluminum.  
Soon new kinetic works of various sizes will populate the Upper Valley. 

Stay in touch to see what shapes and forms Roger’s kinetic sculptures take in the months to come. You may check out the expansive variety of sculpture at the Davenport’s SculptureFest, 509 Prosper Road, Woodstock, VT.

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Embracing the Vibrancy of the AVA Gallery and Art Center


Goldenberg moves to Lebanon, NH

by Jeanne McCartin-Portsmouth Herald

The Seacoast arts’ community is a little poorer as of last week when musician/visual artist Roger Goldenberg packed up his studio and headed to Lebanon, N.H., and the AVA Gallery and Art Center.

Roger Goldenberg's Inspiration Banners add dynamism and warmth to AVA's already inviting foyer

Roger Goldenberg’s Inspiration Banners add dynamism and warmth to AVA’s already inviting foyer

AVA's Downstairs Galleries Are Closed for Installation.

The Glowing Warmth of the AVA Gallery and Art Center

“I’m just tired right now,” he said days before departing his Button Factory studio of 20-plus years. “I’ve had to touch everything I own at least ten times and carry it long distances.”
An old friend encouraged him to move years ago, “but my studio has treated me well. It’s been affordable and it was a sanctuary, so I didn’t feel any pressure to leave. I’ve said it was the wonderful studio space that kept me here.”
While here, Goldenberg was an outspoken advocate for Seacoast artist live/work space and workforce housing. It never came to fruition. He put his time into his beliefs, spending two years on ArtSpeak, the city’s cultural commission.
“But things have changed for me over the years,” he says.
A few years back, he formed In Ears ‘n’ Eyes with Saxophonist Matt Langley. It is a group of jazz musicians and a jazz painter (who perform music and art and lead workshops). He continued to paint and is an instructor with Portsmouth Music and Arts Center, Granite State College and Great Bay Community College but became less involved with the gallery scene.
Meanwhile he discovered Lebanon. “I just like the social climate and climate-climate (I like winter and LOVE snow). And the AVA is a robust culture; it’s the hub up there and there’s a lot of good energy.”
The building also features an elevator. “I was looking 20 years out. My studio is more a young person’s studio and I’m not that any more. I just thought it was time to bust a move and shake things up a little.”
Goldenberg will return to work on In Ears ‘n’ Eyes. “Really, the musicians have been my family,” he says. “I have a lot of real depth in the jazz community here. … I’m going to miss them a lot, but I’m not gone. … We’ve wanted to move Ears and Eyes beyond the Seacoast anyway, so we’ll keep spreading our wings.” The Ears and Eyes Creativity Workshop just wrapped up at Rye Elementary, and is heading to Dover Middle School and Windsor Middle School in Windsor, VT. We’re mobile, “So I’ll be back.”

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