Goodmorning Coffeedoodle Guest Artist Molly Colman

Roger’s Starter Doodle

HERE IS THE STARTER DOODLE (viewed on the left) that I hope will INSPIRE your INNER ARTIST to participate by submitting your takeoff on this starter doodle sketch. Please do YOUR doodle and send it on to me. Thanks for participating!

Below is the third submission to arrive. It is by an artist colleague of mine, Molly Colman. Molly used to live and create in the greater seacoast area of New Hampshire, but she now lives in sunny California.

It is especially fun for me to have other people share their doodles with me. The spontaneity of a doodle represents pure unselfconscious play. I smile as I see others marks move across the page. Your work sparks my imagination; I notice the weight of a mark or the lyricism of a gesture, and then of course, the tug between my subconscious observation and my need to name familiar shapes and to label them; a wrestling match begins between my left lobe and my right. “Let the right brain prevail! I say.”

Guest Doodler Molly Colman, a visual artist formerly of the seacoast New Hampshire, now living in Palm Springs, offers up her California inspired rendition of Roger Goldenberg’s starter doodle.

Molly writes:

“Hello Roger-

Here’s a doodle from your starter. It was fun working off your marks. The curved lines were familiar to me because they are similar to the doodle marks I’ve been making since I was a child. The straight lines were harder since I have rarely doodled straight lines. It was good to notice the limits of the repertoire of marks I make.”
Molly states that she is enjoying the scenery from her new environs and is finding great inspiration from it.

Molly closes by saying, “I’ve been enjoying your blog.”

Thanks Molly for participating. Happy art-making to you!


What a delightful doodle Molly has created!You can see more of Molly’s beautiful artwork at

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