Goodmorning Coffeedoodle Guest Doodles!

Goodmorning Coffeedoodle starter doodle for guest artists

HERE IS THE STARTER DOODLE on the left TO INSPIRE guest artists to submit their doodles. Below is the first submission to arrive. Below one of my brothers of the twelve notes has submitted his improvisation; Matt Langley is a true improvisor in music, art and life. Thanks Matt!

Please do YOUR doodle and send it on to me. Thanks for participating!

Doodle for Rog by Matt Langley; his offering as a guest doodler...


It is especially fun for me to have other people share their doodles with me. The spontaneity of a doodle is pure unselfconscious play. I smile as I see others marks move across the page. It sparks my imagination; noticing the weight of a mark or the lyricism of a gesture, and then of course the tug between my unconscious observing right brain and my need to name, need to label left brain that looks for recognizable forms and nameable shapes.

Take flight in Matt’s “landscape” of lines and energy which to me seems to rise skyward with the lift of a hot air balloon, while at the same time his forms and shapes condense, pouring back to the bottom of his page.

Thanks Matt!

Hi Everyone, this should be some encouragement to send along your doodle!  How about it Rae or Jenn? I look forward to receiving them all!

Thanks Roger

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  1. admin says:

    Ah, guest doodles are finally coming in. Whimsey, playfulness, inner light and darkness…..

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