Goodmorning Coffeedoodle Guest Doodles!

Goodmorning Coffeedoodle starter doodle for guest artists

HERE IS THE STARTER DOODLE on the left TO INSPIRE guest artists to submit their doodles. Below is the first submission to arrive. Below one of my brothers of the twelve notes has submitted his improvisation; Matt Langley is a true improvisor in music, art and life. Thanks Matt!

Please do YOUR doodle and send it on to me. Thanks for participating!

Doodle for Rog by Matt Langley; his offering as a guest doodler...


It is especially fun for me to have other people share their doodles with me. The spontaneity of a doodle is pure unselfconscious play. I smile as I see others marks move across the page. It sparks my imagination; noticing the weight of a mark or the lyricism of a gesture, and then of course the tug between my unconscious observing right brain and my need to name, need to label left brain that looks for recognizable forms and nameable shapes.

Take flight in Matt’s “landscape” of lines and energy which to me seems to rise skyward with the lift of a hot air balloon, while at the same time his forms and shapes condense, pouring back to the bottom of his page.

Thanks Matt!

Hi Everyone, this should be some encouragement to send along your doodle!  How about it Rae or Jenn? I look forward to receiving them all!

Thanks Roger

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Summery Counterpoint

Floating in the Pool! Great day for the beach, too.

Blue skies, nice temps, and there I am body surfing at the beach. In the distance the Isles of Shoals are floating above the horizon like they do sometimes….parallax, relax. I love making sand castles and listening to the surf.  Sure glad I have an imagination. Now it’s time to get off my couch, go grocery shopping and get dressed for catering…. a party in Kittery today, whoohoo! I suggest YOU party at the beach or go for a hike in the Whites.


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Penny Candy

Penny Candy-a funky gumball machine with an infinite assortment of gumballs and candy

I’ve been chewing bubble gum to exercise my face muscles though I’m not convinced that jaw muscles and face muscles are part of the same group of characters… Bubble Yum seems the best for exercise and aftertaste. So here I have a confuddleration of pre-coffee thinky thoughts emerging, being processed and made into gumballs and assorted candy….An Om symbol of confectionery treats? If this doodle was in color, I would want the deep yellow gumball. Always was my favorite.

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DoodleDoo! Print this seed for a doodle and make it grow into your own doodle. Then POST IT! I will collect ’em then we’ll have an exhibition.

I’ve always been a doodler. I would doodle during classes or study hall, and more recently, to the distraction of fellow board members (no pun in tended), I doodle during our two-hour meetings. For many onlookers, the act of doodling seems like I’m daydreaming and not paying attention, but for me the opposite is so. Doodling helps me focus and pay attention. If I was not doodling, I would have to take copious notes, as I did when I was a geology student during mineralogy class. Note taking and doodling; two valid survival techniques for whatever is at hand that requires focus.

Doodling a serious productive activity for a person like me who learns things in a different fashion than most other people. Human minds have a weave of learning abilities that organize information into understandable patterns in our brains. For some this fabric is more complex than for others. I see these  ways of learning as kinds of multiple intelligences. Some people just get numbers, systems, or equations, others absorb everything through reading, or listening, or moving and then there are some of us who have a complex network of skills that use many of these ways to absorb information and make sense of it. Sometimes, when having to hone in on one skill set vs. another, I have to entertain or distract the other modes of learning so that I can pay attention. For me, it is doodling. For some it might be foot tapping. I do that too. I believe it was handed down from my grandfather on my mom’s side. He was a tailor. But when I knew him he new longer sewed, but he tapped his foot, especially when watching the nightly news, for example. His hands were no longer busy so he kept that part of himself occupied by foot tapping while kibbitzing with the newscaster and commentators on the nightly news or Meet the Press.

So to celebrate the doodler in everyone, I thought I would post this seed of a doodle so that folks could copy it and build their of doodle and then post it to share with everyone. I will collect them and create an exhibition page so that we can see them in a group. Sometimes it is just hard to start something, even a doodle, so here you go, it is already begun.

Thanks for participating!

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