Inspiration Banners Add Natural Warmth at AVA Gallery and Art Center

Roger Goldenberg's Inspiration Banners add dynamism and warmth to AVA's already inviting foyer

Roger Goldenberg’s Inspiration Banners add dynamism and warmth to AVA’s already inviting foyer

At the Leeds “Platinum Certified” AVA Gallery and Art Center Roger Goldenberg’s Inspiration Banners can be seen to add colorful joy to the smart eco-design of the building. AVA’s Director Bente Torjusen remarks that not only are there ecological benefits from designing a Leeds Certified 21st Century building, such as energy savings, use of recycled materials, and utilization existing structural elements rich in history, there are subliminal benefits. The Leeds design involves consideration of passive solar and as a result the interior spaces have a luminous quality. This creates an uplifting, elevating feel which affects ones spirit and mood. This light and the warm hues of the antique hardwood floors create an inviting environment in which to create art, meet like-minded art buddies. Often it is just these qualities that lure the curious minded or  unsuspecting passerby to walk in to enjoy the original artwork on the gallery walls or to sign up for art classes and workshops. In the foyer photo, Roger Goldenberg’s Inspiration Banners add to the energy and warmth of AVA’s magical world. Here is an article in NATIONAL TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION magazine featuring Bente Torjusen and a brief pictorial review of the AVA Gallery and Art Center.

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