Roger and That’s Clever (HGTV)

This video is funny, quirky and not TOO embarrassing. Enjoy the fun! Three years ago HGTV’s That’s Clever production staff discovered my artwork by surfing my website. They contacted me to gauge my interest in being on their show. Their contact person informed me that a film crew was making a sweep through New England to capture artists sharing the ins and outs of making their visual art. My reaction was, “Why not!” I spent a full two weeks or more preparing for their arrival and the 5 hour shoot. They required that I prepare examples of my step by step process that is necessary to create my finished paintings. They even required that I get a manicure. Funny! As a result I created 15 partially finished pieces, each representing one stage in the process of making one of my paintings. What a lot of WORK! It took 5 hours of filming to create 5 minutes of final video footage. This ratio reminded me of the fact that it takes 40 gallons of maple sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. Now the evidence is before you; I shouldn’t quit my day job as an artist to become an actor : )


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