Roger’s as Educator


rogergoldenbergArt is the foundation of human civilization. Our innate imagination and creativity set us apart from other species. An opposing thumb is cool and walking on two legs is an evolutional feat, but even without these advantages, we are born to imagine and create– to imagine what could be and to use our creative abilities to bring to fruition what is in our mind’s eye. We are here on Earth to create beauty and be inspired by the natural wonders that surround us.

I am a dedicated professional artist and educator. For me, nurturing a student’s creative spirit is a preeminent aspect of being an artist. As I teach, whether kindergarteners, middle schoolers, teens, adults, seniors or special needs individuals, I delight in sharing knowledge, humor, skills and experience; nurturing and cultivating everyone’s creativity and imagination. One of the greatest joys for me, right up there with hiking, playing jazz trumpet with my friends, or making my own artwork, is seeing the joy in a student’s eyes as they discover there talents, build skills, and become accomplished in creating their own artwork.”

Please look for Roger in a classroom near you, sign up, create!



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